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Date night: Donavon Frankenreiter concert

This summer is a busy one. Since we’re getting hitched in September, June through August involves lots of fun pre-wedding activities and to-do’s — so we set aside various weekends for this reason. We also like to get in some family time, which requires a few trips to Long Island and Vermont here and there — so we were sure to block off a few weekends for retirement parties, weddings, vacation, birthdays, etc. We truthfully only have a couple of weekends plan-free, and wanted to make sure they stayed that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Summer to me means busy weekends with family, friends, beach, food, drinks, laughing, etc. I enjoy having plans on the calendar. I do however, also enjoy having a little downtime. We all need it now and then. Since we’re so focused on our wedding (in only two months!), I want to make sure Colin and I are getting enough time to ourselves to prepare for our big day — to make sure we’re staying connected amidst the craziness that is summer.

Since this past weekend was one of our ‘downtime weekends’ we enjoyed a lovely little date night on Saturday at the Donavon Frankenreiter concert at the Blue Ocean Music Hall (Salisbury, MA). We went last year and had a blast, so decided to go again this year. The Blue Ocean Music Hall is a great place to see a concert if you’ve never been.

We started out with dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s in Newburyport, then stopped into Dolce Freddo Gelato across the street for a treat. After dinner we headed to the concert, enjoyed a great show, and then stopped into Joe’s Playland for some arcade games. We had a blast!

Check it out:

A lovely dinner at Not Your Average Joes in Newburyport

A lovely dinner at Not Your Average Joes in Newburyport

Pit stop for gelato after dinner

Pit stop for gelato after dinner

Show time!

Show time!

Mr. Donavon Frankenreiter

Mr. Donavon Frankenreiter

Sing it, boy

Sing it, boy

My favorite part of the concert came at the end when Donavon sang Tom Petty’s, ‘American Girl’:

What's a trip to Salisbury without a visit to the arcade?

What’s a trip to Salisbury without a visit to the arcade?

Colin killing it at the bball game

Colin killing it at the bball game

Crushing the lanes

Crushing the lanes

I hope you enjoyed your weekend also. :)

PS: Only a couple more weeks for me to annoy you! If you don’t mind, please take a second to vote for me in the Real Simple essay contest. THANKS EVERYONE!

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Donavon Frankenreiter

I have loved Donavon Frankenreiter’s (quite a mouthful of a name) music for a while now. His style is similar to Jack Johnson, or maybe G. Love – definitely my kind of music. His music actually reminds me of one summer in high school when I drove another crappy car (if you’ve ever seen my history of vehicles you would know that I’m not one for flashy automobiles. Although, when I grow up maybe I will have a nice, real car. We’ll see…) His music reminds me of this car because my radio was broke – and if you know me, you know I’m not driving around without music – so what did I do? Nope, I didn’t get it fixed (I was in high school, no money obviously)…I found an old cd player I had in my room (boom box style), plopped it in the passenger seat of my car, threw in Donavon’s first solo album, cranked it up and went on my merry little way. Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

So, Donavon’s music reminds me of my youth :) along with summertime, the beach, Long Island, and happiness. Needless to say I was thrilled to have finally gotten a chance to see him live at the Blue Ocean Music Hall at the Pavilion on Salisbury Beach a couple of weeks ago. We enjoyed a full day of sun on the beach (it was such a beautiful day!) then dinner at Capri (which was delicious), followed by the concert. A really, really great day!

Check it out:

Started the day off with my first ever trip to DQ

Then lounged all day on the beach...

Found a cutie :D

The show was sponsored by 92.5 - love that station!

The Pavilion - great venue


He is the man.

Some black and whites..

Enjoying the show

Strumming along

Listen up!

*Stay tuned for another musical treat tomorrow folks!

Jack Johnson Here I Come

So, today is the day. I am a HUGE Jack Johnson fan, I have been for years now. I own every album and whenever I listen to his music it’s a guarantee to instantly make me happy. JJ puts out some great feel good, make you smile, laid-back, relaxing music and I can’t get enough of it.

The thing is… I’ve never seen him in concert! Never. So lame. I “studied abroad” in Hawaii and figured I would absolutely, 100% get to see him play live there, but that was a no go. However, I did get to see him live, just not playing a show. My friend Jen and I (our last week there) met him at the Pearl Jam/U2 concert. It was amazing – we were on the will call line waiting for our tickets when BAM! Jack Johnson walked by us. Since he didn’t come over to say hi (so rude) I decided we should go over and say hi. He was extremely nice and even took a picture with us!

Needless to say, even though I didn’t get to see him play live in Hawaii, I was pretty happy with the fact that I met him, shook his hand and took a picture with him (he put his hand on my lower back while taking the picture, no big deal…)

Me, Jack and Jen!

So tonight is the night I finally get to see him play live! I am more than pumped. To top it all off, glove and ALO are playing as well – two more great performers. :)

Well, we have our sandwiches, snacks and beers all set – Colin and I are off to the show! Have a great Saturday night and I’ll have plenty of wedding posts coming at you this week. Simply put, it was beyond amazing! xo


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