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Our family garden!

Colin and I eat a ton of veggies on a regular basis, and in the summer we eat even more…so, we’ve decided to start a family garden over at Meg and Matt’s house. This is the first full summer Meg and Matt will be in their new house, and they have a beautiful backyard with plenty of space. Luckily they only live about two miles from us, so we’ll be able to go over and grab some veggies pretty easily. (Not to mention that I usually come up with any excuse to go over there so I can see my boy Dec).

We helped Colin’s grandfather plant his vegetable garden over the weekend, and then we planted ours on Monday — so basically, we’re gardening pros. I really enjoy it! I’m also very excited to see what we get, and to eat what we get! It’s awesome knowing that in a few weeks our hard work will pay off.

Our trust engineer, Colin designed a fabulous layout for our garden. :) (We didn’t end up planting everything he has on here, but did plant most of it).
Garden Layout

We did end up planting:
Red Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
(And we have space to plant a few more things as well — hopefully lettuce and broccoli!)

Here are some pictures of our work in progress:

Trip to Home Depot

Trip to Home Depot

Digging away

Digging away

Becoming planting pros...

Becoming planting pros…

Almost there!

Almost there!

Now we wait...

Now we wait…

Do you have a garden? What are you most excited to grow?

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